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Retail Case: How are your Halloween promotions really doing?

by Grant Beuzeval on 10/28/2016

Using the latest retail audit technologies, it’s possible to get a complete picture of your in store promotion from any location within hours – here are a few interesting results from a recent nationwide audit in Hong Kong.

(Nationwide Halloween Snacks In Store Promotion Audit in Hong Kong, covering 272 chain supermarkets (Wellcome, ParknShop) + poll of 150 HK shoppers)

  • Significant competition –57% of all supermarkets have major branded Halloween snack displays in place, with each location having an average of 2.1 displays – you need to stand out.
  • Creative execution and positioning are critical – the top reasons for shoppers buying Halloween treats?
  1. “An eye catching display caught my attention” – 47%
  2. “I love to eat candies, chocolates and treats at Halloween” – 34%
  3. “Attractive prices” – 32%
  • Displays need maintenance – 33% of all Halloween displays recorded some form of executional problem. The biggest issues were;
  • Why is this important? Halloween is big business for snack makers and retailers alike;
  1. 58% of shoppers have already or plan to spend money on Halloween snacks and treats
  2. The average spend is HK$79, with 25% of shoppers spending more than HK$100.
  • Who’s dominating Halloween in Hong Kong?

With the right information at the right time, it’s possible to drive a broad based improvement in promotional execution over time – and with it, sales performance.

But you need to know if and where opportunities for improvement lie. New retail audit technologies enable the collection of data and images from any location within hours, and from thousands of locations in just a few days. Get everything you need to understand strategic and tactical issues and implement rapid fixes where required.

Red Ocean Solutions – Real time Retail Audit and Intelligence from any Location.

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