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Pokémon versus Typhoon Nida

by Grant Beuzeval on 08/03/2016

Hong Kongers may be Pokémon mad, but they are NOT CRAZY

Pokémon Go may have taken the world by storm but mother nature struck back last night with a storm of her own as typhoon Nida took back the streets of Hong Kong.

In a recent nationwide poll of Pokémon players conducted by Red Ocean Solutions, just 16% of Pokémon players dared to chase monsters in the rain and wind of Nida – perhaps a good outcome considering that 8% of agents had reported colliding with people, walls and shops while chasing Pokémon’s and another 10% admitting to being cursed or abused while hunting down the elusive creatures.


 Appendix 1: Data

 Poll of 150 Pokémon Players conducted 1st to 2nd August nationwide.

**Note figures in brackets indicate results to last wave conducted 29 Jul.


Which of the following answers best sums up your opinion of Pokémon GO?

It’s genius, I love it                                                           43% (49%)

It’s very impressive but not for me                                21% (15%)

It’s a complete waste of time                                         2% (1%)

I don’t understand it and don’t want to                        2% (3%

It’s a passing curiosity that won’t last                           22% (31%)


What Pokémon GO level are you on?          

1-1         5%

2-2         3%

3-3         1%

4-4         2%

5-5         2%

6-10       26%

11-15     32%

16-20     22%

21-30     7%

31-40     1%

Mean 12.1 (10.5)


(What’s the most hours you’ve spent in a single day playing Pokémon GO?)

1-2         60%

3-5         28%

6-10       9%

11-24     3%

Mean 3.0


(Have you met new people through playing Pokémon GO?)  

Yes 28%


Have you ever been cursed or abused while chasing Pokémon’s?

Yes 8% (10%)


Have you bumped into anything while chasing Pokémon’s? Example – another person, a car, a building, a lamp?

Yes 8% (8%)


Have you been out chasing Pokémon monsters during the T8 typhoon?

Yes 16%