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Easter Eggsaminations

by Grant Beuzeval on 03/23/2016

Easter is here again and although it’s not the most celebrated holiday in Hong Kong and around Asia, it’s certainly a rich time to be in the business of selling or gobbling down Easter eggs and other chocolate delights.

The SmartRocket crew visited supermarkets in all 18 corners of Hong Kong to capture real-time information about Easter promotional displays, as well as answer a few questions about their own feelings and habits at Easter.

Where’s the chocolate?

First the good news; finding Easter treats shouldn’t be a problem with 95% of all visited supermarkets featuring special Easter promotional displays and 55% boasting three or more displays.

Alas, Easter is not all sweets and treats. The bad news is that 50% of the displays have notable issues.

Display Issues


Crushing it with the most eye-catching displays this year are Kinder, getting a whopping 45% of the vote from crew members.

The importance of Easter … and chocolate

Hong Kongers love a few extra days off work but the Easter holiday isn’t widely revered as a “celebration” with 61% saying it was unimportant and 53% saying they don’t normally buy Easter treats. This is perhaps unsurprising given the extraordinary amount of chocolate changing hands a few weeks earlier, during the Lunar New Year.

However, amongst those that do purchase treats, the most common recipient was… drum roll… themselves. Sometimes they’re just too good to share.

Buy for who


SmartRocket agents were intending to spend an average of HK$110 on treats this Easter. Let’s hope they’ll be sharing those round with friends, family and… ahem… colleagues.

The Importance of In-Store Execution

Our figures are by no means representative but let’s have some fun and speculate that if 47% of all Hong Kong residents aged 15+ spent HK$110 on Easter goodies this year – that’d be HK$336mn changing hands.

So, how important is retail execution?

When product, price, placement and promotion are all in good shape, everybody is a winner – the egg makers, the egg sellers and the egg eaters. Happy days.

Red Ocean Solutions deploys the SmartRocket service to allow manufacturers and retailers to identify non-compliance and react in real-time instead of next-time.

Keep the eggs rolling this Easter – with SmartRocket. With or without chocolate, we wish you a happy Easter.

One of our favourite displays