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Digital Zombie: Hong Kong has more digital zombies than Taiwan

by Miin Tan on 07/17/2018

“Digital Zombie” is a new term that is developed in recent years due to the popularity and development of smartphone. According to the definition from Wikipedia, “Digital Zombie” means a person using digital technology and/or social media to a point that they become fixated only in that faux reality. They have difficulty looking people in the eye or carrying on healthy conversations, even displaying signs of early onset dementia. Many times, they don’t see details of life happening around them and they have limited “people” skills inside the real world.  Since media always publish how bad the situation of Digital Zombie around the world (especially during Pokémon go hype), we will like to see if the situation is as bad as described.

Hence, we asked our Taiwan and Hong Kong SmartRocket community agents to do a self-evaluation.

We ask the respondent to do self-evaluation about whether they are digital zombies before and after they answer some behavioural questions.

Most respondents who claimed that they are digital zombies before the evaluation subsequently changed their mind,  eventually believing that they are not as “digital zombie” as they thought.

Yet, Hong Kong respondents are still slightly more reliant on the smartphone than Taiwan respondents  with 31% of Hong Kong respondents and 26% of Taiwan respondents agreeing that they are digital zombies after the self-evaluation.


We understand that different perspectives must be considered before any conclusion, but this self-evaluation mainly focuses on a few areas –

  • The length of usage time
  • Attitudes if they forgot to bring their phone
  • Uncomfortable phone battery level
  • Tendency to avoid social interactions.

The findings on the behaviours align with their self-claimed results.

  • Hong Kong respondents use smartphone more than Taiwan respondents
    • 43% of Hong Kong respondents vs. 15% of Taiwan respondents use their smartphone for at least 7 hours per day
    • 76% of Hong Kong respondents vs. 59% of Taiwan respondents use their smartphone within 15 minutes after wake-up
  • Hong Kong respondents rely on their smartphone more than Taiwan respondents
    • 40% of Hong Kong respondents vs. 22% of Taiwan respondents feel nervous if they find out that they forgot to bring their phone when they are out

Coincidentally, respondents from both countries think that the biggest disadvantage of being a digital zombie is missing out the valuable quality time with friends and family. To avoid that, the respondents provided some good suggestions to reduce the addiction/ reliance on their smartphone, including;

  • cultivate more interests
  • participate in more outdoor activities
  • know more friends through sports activities
  • do not sign up unlimited data plan etc.

Overall, we know that people rely heavily on the smartphone nowadays for its convenience but we hope that these poll results will arouse everyone’s awareness of the good things that they may have missed and should control the usage of smartphone in their daily life.

All the related charts are shown below. Let us know your opinions by leaving comments below!