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Deskfast Day: Breakfast at home is the best

by Miin Tan on 06/11/2018

Have you ever imagined having the breakfast scenes in movie? Wake up after a full night sleep, have a cup of coffee/tea and a simple breakfast at home before work? Well, our findings show that you are not alone on this path!

”Deskfast” is the combination of desk + breakfast and so it literally means breakfast at office desk. We have collected hundreds of responses from Hong Kong and Taiwan agents on their behaviours and opinions about this event. The following are some interesting findings to share with you:

  • About half of the total respondents agree that home is the ideal venue for having breakfast (51% of Taiwan respondents and 53% of Hong Kong respondents).
  • But about a third of all respondents are actually taking breakfast at the office – which might be due to;
    • It’s a more sociable experience
    • There’s an office cleaner who will take care of the mess
    • The office has free (and maybe better) coffee and tea than at home
    • They enjoy the free office air-con and internet
    • They can avoid their annoying siblings first thing in the morning
  • Less than half of the total respondents are living on their ideal lifestyle in reality with 39% of Taiwan respondents and 44% of Hong Kong respondents having breakfast at home.


According to source from Days of the Year (, deskfast was opposed by nutritionists and physicians at the beginning but they are not as opposed as they were at the beginning because people are having healthier options, e.g. fruit smoothies instead of traditional breakfasts. Hence, we also gather respondents’ opinions about it.

  • On this statement, respondents’ behaviours and opinions are similar. Only 17% of Taiwan respondents and 18% of Hong Kong respondents agree that deskfast is healthier than traditional breakfast.
  • But perhaps this statement does not resonate with the respondents because both Taiwan and Hong Kong have many take-away options compared to Europe? 52% of Taiwan respondents and 65% of Hong Kong respondents are having ready-made breakfasts and the simple Western style food, e.g. pancake, toast, sandwich and etc which are not necessarily healthier.


The respondents also shared their breakfast photo with us, can you guess which one is from Hong Kong and which one is from Taiwan?

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