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Brazil favourites to win World Cup say SmartRocket experts!

by Miin Tan on 06/14/2018

The 21st FIFA World Cup kicks off today in Russia and five-time winners, Brazil, are favourite to win according to a snap poll of hundreds of SmartRocket community members in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Taiwan (40%) and Hong Kong (32%) respondents agreed that Brazil looked too good with 39% of the women of both countries voting for the South American nation.

Overall, Argentina are preferred as second best with 20% of the votes (Hong Kong 19% and Taiwan 21%) and the Germans favoured with 16% (Hong Kong 23% and Taiwan 9%).


Coincidentally, only around 60% of respondents from both countries intend to watch any of the games and as expected males are generally more enthusiastic about this event. Interestingly to find that Hong Kong and Taiwan respondents have different preference on the activities to do while watching matches. 56% of those in Hong Kong intend to be munching chips during the action compared to the 58% in Taiwan who will be drinking beer.

Amongst the beer drinkers, Carlsberg and Hoegaarden (20% each) are the beers of choice for football fans in Hong Kong while Heineken (49%) is preferred in Taiwan – followed by Taiwan Beer (36%).

Local beer marketers have done a great job in both countries of grabbing the attention of the fans. Although Budweiser is the official beer sponsor for the World Cup, 61% of Hong Kongers thought it was Carlsberg and 49% of Taiwanese believing it was Heineken.

Betting on the World Cup is legal in Hong Kong (as long as it’s via the RHKJC) and 34% intend to do just that, with 32% intending to commit more than HK$300.

Employers had better be on the look out for sleepy or distracted employees because 45% of Hong Kong respondents and 37% of Taiwanese respondents think the World Cup with affect productivity.

Whether you like football or not, the FIFA World Cup is the 2nd most watched event in the world and the impact is undeniable.

May the best team win! Leave a comment and let us know which team will be the winner of FIFA World Cup 2018!

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