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A mission for all

by Grant Beuzeval on 10/10/2015

SmartRocket provides clients with blazing point-of-sale intelligence while providing interesting work and income opportunities for thousands of citizens.

New concepts such as “workforce on demand” and “talent on tap” paint a picture of a fluid marketplace for enterprises and workers in which to find mutual benefits and satisfaction with or without long term commitment but for casual and part-time anywhere-anytime opportunities the market is not quite so bountiful.

I grew up in New Zealand and got my first “job” at the age of 10, delivering newspapers on my bicycle after school. I made NZ$10 per week and saved every cent. At the age of 14 I had a weekend job pumping gas for 4 hours on a Saturday morning and by 16 I was cleaning the butchery in the local supermarket after school twice a week and again on Saturdays.

Prior to summer holidays I would pick strawberries for cash with my friends and learned that I didn’t want to pick strawberries for the rest of my life. I found full time employment by the age of 17 as a land survey draftsman but I continued my Saturday job cleaning the butchery because I wanted to buy a motorbike.

I undertook my first mystery shopping assignment in Hong Kong in 1997 to supplement my income (and to get a free meal) when I evaluated a restaurant on Queens Road West. The experience was exhilarating but I will save this subject for a future blog.


Maybe the times have changed but it is definitely much harder now for young people to find a way to make some cash to support themselves and create the first experiences of financial independence and self-support. Likewise, for folks with regular jobs, supplementing primary income with a little extra cash is also very hard to discover without committing to contract and significant hours. No matter what you call it – casual, freelance, contract or part-time work – it’s not easy to find.

SmartRocket launched its first crowdsourced mobile workforce in Hong Kong in 2014 with the goal of helping clients optimize their retail execution at the point of sale through rapid deployment of the SmartRocket crew who undertake small tasks, or “missions”, all across the city.

SmartRocket missions are a combination of retail auditing (objective fact checking such as product price, stock levels, presence of promotional materials and number of shelf facings) and mystery shopping (subjective experience of the store environment, service levels and staff knowledge). Most missions require answering a number of questions and submitting one or more photos

Crew members use the free SmartRocket Android app to browse, claim and complete missions at the time that they find most convenient. For some crew, that means maybe picking up a mission here and there on the way to work or university or during their lunch break and for others it means dedicating a full day or weekend to completing as many missions as they possibly can. (The record for a single day is 53!)

The SmartRocket validation team assesses 100% of all the missions submitted by crew members by reviewing the photos, the question responses and the GPS coordinates of the mission. Once the mission is approved, the mission fees and rocket points are credited to the crew members’ accounts and can be cashed out at any time.
Meanwhile, the client will experience a rapid flow of information streaming into their dashboard where they can view reports, maps, charts and data in real-time, enabling them to make smarter, better-informed decisions immediately rather than in days or weeks.

The SmartRocket crew community is all-inclusive, with crew members come from all walks of life and backgrounds which indicates that a wide cross section of the community is seeking and enjoying the casual, interesting opportunities that are difficult to find in the current economic environment. The gender split is roughly 50/50 between male and female while 46% of all crew members are already in full employment and 72% have a bachelors degree or higher.

Education Level - HKG - Sept 2015

46% of all crew members are already in full employment…

Employment Status - HKG - Sept 2015

Some crew members participate for fun, some to contribute to some of the world’s largest brands and some compete with their friends to get to the highest rank but for most it’s about the extra cash they can earn while going about their everyday lives.

At Red Ocean Solutions we are proud to be providing thousands of SmartRocket crew members the chance to work on challenging missions for prestigious brands while pocketing much appreciated extra cash as they go about their lives.

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Grant Beuzeval is the Chief Operating Officer of Red Ocean Solutions Limited and has been gathering market intelligence in Asia and beyond since 1996.